Encouraged by the beauty that surrounds us here in Teton County, our solid team of professionals can turn your property into a stunning naturescape.

Between the Westbank Garden Center and its sister company, Teton Heritage Landscaping , we can fulfill all gardening and landscaping needs. By taking an integrated approach to design, installation, and maintenance, we build lasting relationships with our clients. Check out our descriptions below for services we can offer, and give us a call today!!

Design: Whether you’re sprucing up your existing beds or planning an extensive new installation we can help you design your flower beds with care and consideration. Come into the garden center and discuss planting options with one of our experienced employees, or call for a design consultation to come to your home and develop a plan based on your design aesthetic and unique property.

Installation: After the design process, we will deliver, layout, and plant all your new plant material.

Irrigation: Water management is crucial here! Allow us to round out your project with the installation and maintenance of your irrigation system. We will work to improve efficiency and minimize waste while taking care of the plants you love.

Maintenance: Throughout the coming season, and over the subsequent years, we will implement a maintenance package the fits your lifestyle and budget. Our maintenance programs include spring cleanup and mulching of flower beds, general upkeep over of the course of the summer (weeding, deadheading, trimming of shrubs and trees, blowing pathways and patios), and fall cleanup and cutback of flower beds. These programs can be tailored to include any other services you may require.

Lawn and Tree Care: We can also provide care and management beyond the flower beds. These services including mowing, trimming, and seasonal cleanup of lawns, as well as fertilization and disease control of trees and shrubs. Water Feature Maintenance: Let us assist with the health and general upkeep of your ponds, streams, waterfalls, and other water features throughout the year.

Seasonal Bulb Planting: Nothing says spring like the emergence of those cheerful bulbs each year. Allow us to design and complete your fall bulb planting, so that you can enjoy the early colors of spring from your own home.